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Huge Sale Saturday Sept 6! DVDs, Comics & Toys! 10:30am to 3pm !!

Checkout the massive 1,500 blu-ray collection we got! Most at $5 each! Plus another 3000 dvds since the last sale! Over 10,000 DVDs $1 to $1.50!


Some new comics we got in this week including some Death in the Family signed by Mignola!


Don’t forget to Like us on Facebook! We will be having a special sale for our Facebook Fans at the end of the year!

5 FREE comics or a FREE DVD for everyone! Note the 10:30am start time. We need it to setup!

Our Biggest Sale yet! Over 150,000 comics and we are unveiling our massive 35,000 comic collection we got from Edmonton! See you there!

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