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We are Buying!! Bring us your unwanted Comics, Graphic Novels and Video Games!

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NEXT Manga/Anime Sale Sat Nov 26

The HUGE Comic, Graphic Novel, Video Game Sale IS TODAY! Saturday Oct 22 10am to 3pm!!

DO NOT MISS THIS ONE! Not only have we bagged and boarded over 30,000 new comics since the summer, we also acquired a $50,000 comic colllection! Fill all the holes in your collection! Bring your list and come early!

Not only are our Video Games Guys back with more games and consoles, we will also be having a Magic the Gathering Guy here also!

Also over 20,000 hardcover and softcover Graphic Novels will be here! We bought out a store 

Fantastic Four #5 to #416 (1st Dr. Doom,Black Panther, SilverSurfer, Galactus)
Conan #1 to #150 (1st Conan and 1st Red Sonja)
X-Men #129 to #380 (1st emma frost, 1st Jubilee, 1st Gambit)
Amazing Spider-Man #140 to #545 (1st Black Cat, Hobgoblin, Venom, Carnage)
Marvel Team Up #1 to #150 (1st Captain Britain, Mockingbird)
Marvel Two in One #1 to #100 (2nd Guardians of Galaxy, Spider-Woman)
Avengers #81 to #320 (1st Mantis, Scott Pym, Nebula)
Batman #140 to #670 (Yes that is right! Every single Neal Adams Batman!)
Detective Comics #302 to #840 (too many to list)
Batman New 52 #1 to #44
Star Wars #1 to #107 (1st Boba Fett and more Boba Fett)
Also huge runs, of Defenders, Peter Parker, Web of Spiderman, Brave and the Bold, World's Finest, Justice League of America.

Win an Amazing Spidey #300 worth $300 on Saturday! Just goto our Facebook event page by Friday at 6pm and click on “GOING”  and your name will be entered automatically for the draw.  The draw will be on Saturday at 11:30am and you MUST BE THERE to claim the book! Click on the Spidey 300 for the link!


CLICK HERE for more pics of our new items!


These old Batman covers are classic! Neal Adams still rules the cover artist universe!

We also got in some super rare DC Rebirth #1’s with covers by the late great Michael Turner! Print runs were only 1500-5000 on these books and most went to the US.


Wow check out these Venoms and Carnages! Over 1,000 comics with their appearances!

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